Case Study:
Ryan Young

" We now have more efficient operational processes, better reports, and a better consumer-agent experience thanks to automation and technology. Working with Real Synch saved us a lot of time and money! "

Ryan Young

How we helped Ryan Young go from Google Sheets to Real Estate Automation

Ryan Young is a real estate client of ours who leads Ohio's #1 Real Estate Large team, the Young Team. The team sold 650 homes this year. Ryan also founded Fello, an agent-Led iBuying Solution.

Ryan used to run his entire real estate operations from a Google sheet, and his director of operations would input all data into the document.

"I realized how important automation is when our director of operations went on maternity leave, and we went several weeks without importing real-time information," says Ryan.

When Ryan came to us, he was looking for a way to streamline his real estate business. He needed an affordable solution that would not incur major tech costs, and that could be customized for a small team of local real estate agents.

He knows that real-time data is crucial in this industry. We provided him with a comprehensive solution that ticked all of his boxes. Not only did we save him money on tech costs, but we were also able to customize our solution to fit his specific needs. As a result, Ryan was able to optimize his tech stack, automate his process and integrate his systems.

"Working with Real Synch is a lifelong investment and commitment because once you start getting a taste of how you can automate and make yourself more efficient, you start looking at areas of your business that are not. Real Synch has the bandwidth to absorb this type of project. When it's all said and done, you save a lot of time and money, and you have a better agent-consumer experience and operational experience. I think it's worth it. Personally, I wouldn't change that for the world."

Ryan's Recommendation:

First, become aware of the pain points of your business that aren't scalable. Then, you can coordinate and work with Real Synch to identify how you can improve or streamline those pain points. One of the primary reasons that billions of dollars are funneled into the real estate industry and proptech every year is that traditional methods for providing a streamlined consumer experience have not been updated to take advantage of new technologies.

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