Case Study:
Kelly Broaddus

" Real Synch is a lifesaver. That's what I would say. If you are having trouble with your business and wondering how to proceed, what to use, and how to sync everything, call Scott and use their services. They’re amazing! "

Kelly Broaddus

How Real Synch helped Kelly scale her real estate business

Join us as we speak with our client, Kelly Broaddus, from eXp Realty. She’s been in the real estate business for 25 years and is in the process of scaling and building her team. You learn how Kelly leverages Real Synch services and integrations to build her team and leverage her lead flow to convert more business and add more team members.

Kelly’s tech problem in her business

With more than 60,000 contacts, Kelly struggled to stay on top of her lead flow. Additionally, she was adding systems like Ylopo, FUB, and Fello all at the same time and needed a company like Real Synch to help guide her execution on setting everything up so she could focus on her clients.

How Real Synch helped Kelly with her tech stack?

Real Synch was able to make Kelly and her team understand the technicalities of using the CRM and workflows. Real Synch worked with Kelly and set up YLopo and Follow Up Boss, connected Real Geeks to kvCORE which allowed all of Kelly’s leads to flow into all three systems and trigger automation. We have also set up integration and automation with her Fello Widget on her website. Our process of doing the work for Kelly has allowed her to scale her business without worrying about systems and stay focused on converting leads and recruiting agents.

What has changed in Kelly’s mindset around technology?

The most important thing we discussed was hiring a company that can consult you and guide you on making the right decisions around technology and implementing all the actual work. Real Synch does the work for you; they don’t just tell you what to do and let you flounder; they do the work for you.

What’s Kelly’s advice on real estate agents?

Consultants and coaches are afraid to give a real opinion on a certain solution because they want to be in the middle of the road. Many consultants do not base their opinions on your needs and what will work best for you. If you are struggling with your systems or need direction for your business, call Scott today. Book a call here.


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