Case Study:
Janet Ridgway

" Real Synch gave us clarity on something we were doing that we needed to quit doing, and we felt relieved after every consult call with them because they would take action, and we saw the results. "

Janet Ridgway

Janet's Success Story: How She Made Her Business 3x Profits with Real Synch

We sat down with Janet Ridgway and Madeline, our consulting services client. Serving San Angelo, TX, Janet has nine years of experience in real estate. Find out how Real Synch transformed Janet's worries into seamless operations by providing expert guidance and effective action implementation for her real estate business!

Janet's frustrations and problems in her real estate business

When she left Keller Williams and joined a new brokerage firm, the new firm had a different CRM system (KVCore), and she is now struggling to understand how it works. With limited time and resources, she faces the challenge of turning her large database into a profitable asset. Her ultimate goal is to create a real business with a scalable and repeatable process for earning revenue.

How did Real Synch help her real estate business become more profitable?

After a call with Scott to discuss her business needs, Janet began utilizing our consultation services. Unlike other tools in the market, Real Synch provided Janet with clear and manageable steps to improve her business. As a result, Janet and her team felt more relaxed when managing their business.

"You gave us clarity on something we were doing that we needed to quit doing."

They've worked with a full-service marketing company and felt overloaded with what was asked of them. Real Synch has helped them overcome the work that needed to get done and has helped them be brave enough to step away from unnecessary things in their business. And it has significantly improved their cash flow, relationships, and happiness in the business.

When they left the company, they left behind a lot of unresolved issues, such as problems with their website. But with Real Synch, all these issues are easily managed. We handled everything, from logos to working links, and ensured that little things like a new lead welcome email were turned on.

Working with different consultants has dramatically impacted how Janet and Madeline felt. After every consultation call with Real Synch, they feel a sense of relief. Because we take action and they see the results. This has allowed them to focus on their real estate business and care for their clients while we handle all the backend work. Real Synch has helped them implement essential changes and address their client's urgent needs.

Janet's recommendations to real estate agents

Sometimes, you may not even realize what you're missing until someone opens your eyes to it. You know your business could perform better, but you must figure out how. That's why she recommends hopping on a call with Scott today. By discussing your pain points and frustrations, Real Synch offers the solutions you've been searching for. Call Scott today and manage your business worry-free now!


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