Case Study:
Barry Jenkins

" With close to 100 agents on our team, we are seeing unparalleled success in closing online leads. Our method of keeping our leads engaged has proven to be highly effective and is yielding an impressive ROI. Stay ahead of the competition - implement this strategy now through google contacts integration of Real Synch! "

Barry Jenkins

Revive Your Dead Leads: A Blueprint for Successfully Re-Engaging Old Leads

Are you missing out on potential leads and money? If so, it may be time to take a look at your old leads that have gone quiet. That's right! Many real estate business owners don't realize how much money they are leaving on the table by not attempting to re-engage long gone or "dead" leads. Learn more as we sat down with Barry Jenkins Speaker, Coach, Trainer, and Product Development at Ylopo on what are the key tactics for reviving dead leads in order to help you make more home sales from existing contacts without wasting money in buying leads.

What does Barry’s team do to manage his old leads?

Database management helps real estate teams make the most of what they already have rather than go out and buy leads.

There are 250,000 leads in his database and he just brought on 30 new agents to his team. This is how he manage to close more home deals through this data management blueprint:

  1. When a new lead goes into their CRM, his agents will work on those leads.. After 30 days and they’re not responsive, they will automatically tag those leads into their drip campaigns and he named it “Pond Audit”
  2. After 30 days if they are still in the same status, they will be under the “Storage Pond”.
  3. After 30 days, either it’s converted or not,he will run ads on those leads and in his storage pond leads. Follow up Boss has that automation and
  4. When they engage in our ads, for example save the property or view our website - these leads will automatically be added into our priority pond.

He has seen the results by seeing that he doesn't need to buy new leads because the old leads are engaging on his website and started converting.

How our Google Contact integration helped Barry convert more leads

Our Google Contact Sync feature allows his team to import contacts into a CRM and filter for real estate agents. The benefit of syncing Google Contacts is the ability to segment contacts and run relevant ads.For one user, this feature has allowed them to close more online leads than ever before with a high ROI. Additionally, data augmentation can help extract large amounts of data from contacts.

Integrating with REVALUATE allows businesses to identify people who may not know they are ready to move. Using big data and behavior-based analysis are key components for the future of business success.


In conclusion, having a full contact list is an extremely powerful asset for any business. It's important to remember that you don't need more leads, but instead use what you already have and make it work for you. Real Synch makes it easier than ever to implement this plan with their google contacts integration feature and capitalize on each individual contact as much as possible. The results are impressive, with ROI rates hovering around 600%. Moreover, the best part of the feature is that it's free. So don't hesitate any longer - use Real Synch's google contacts integration and start converting more business today! Sign up for free.


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