Case Study:
Chris Watters

" With technology always improving and evolving there is never a real all-in-one solution for your tech stack. The better solution is to be able to stitch together the best systems for your business and integrate them so data flows freely between these applications. "

Chris Watters

How Chris Watters increased his lead volume by 300% with one integration

Chris Watters is a real estate client of ours who grew his business, Watters International Realty, to $1 million dollars in net profit in just three years.

Starting in 2010, Chris realized the value of growing a team very quickly and implemented a brand ambassador program.

He has now repeated the process across 19 markets with 4 corporate offices and 15 franchisees and he has written a book on how he did it: The Million Dollar Real Estate Team.

Chris realized the need for automation in his business when he saw that 80% of his missed sign calls were not being entered in his CRM. Using Real Synch, he integrated VoicePad with his CRM, BoomTown, and saw leads from sign calls go up 300%.

Chris’ business, they were receiving over 300 leads per month because of the automated integration. If he was to buy the same number of leads for $200-300 each from Zillow, he would be spending between $60 and $90 thousand on lead generation every month.

The next hurdle Chris encountered was his leads not being unsubscribed from both VoicePad and BoomTown.

He wanted to avoid bad reviews online due to a lead being unsubscribed from one system and not another. He cleared that hurdle by using Real Synch’s bi-directional integration between VoicePad and BoomTown.

Now when a lead unsubscribes, it automatically unsubscribes them from both systems without any need for agent intervention.

Another time-saving integration Chris found with Real Synch is the integration between Qualia and his CRM.

Any updates on the title and any documents that need to be passed to the agent are automatically uploaded which saves time on phone calls and ensures agents are always up to date with the process.

Real Synch has also allowed Chris to save expenses by reducing the number of virtual assistants he needed to manage the data entry.

As Chris says, “I’d easily be spending three to four thousand a month in virtual assistants to do what Real Synch does for me for less than a thousand a month.”

The next integration Chris is extremely excited about is our new bi-directional Google contacts integration.

This integration makes it so new Real Estate agents coming to his team can upload their personal Gmail contacts into his CRM with the click of a button.

With virtually no manual data entry required, his new agent's contacts can be immediately integrated into his marketing.

Chris' Recommendation:

“Where are the frictions in the transaction for both your agents and the people you work with,” Chris points should be the main goal of your tech stack. Salespeople want to be selling - not doing data entry and spending time on the phone following up on paperwork.

Additionally, he says: "Identify where you are spending money on administrative staff to enter information from one system to another. I'm pretty confident if you do that, you’re going to realize that there are significant savings plus you will be able to re-allocate that labor to activities that generate revenue."

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