Case Study:
Lindsey DellaSala

" The Real Synch team helped us streamline our technology and integrate all of our systems, allowing us to grow from 1,500 to 2,400 units sold since we had the entire infrastructure in place to support such growth. "

Lindsey DellaSala

How Lindsey grew from 1,500 to 2,400 units sold with the right tech stack

Lindsey Della Sala is one of our clients who runs a successful team in St. Augustine, Florida, with 110 agents and 50 employees as supporting staff.

She uses several systems and tools such as BoomTown, Dotloop, Zillow Premier Agent, Sisu, and more. Lindsey's biggest challenge was integrating all the different applications in her business so the information wouldn't be lost between them.

She realized that most of the systems she was using could not communicate with each other, and some could not accomplish a certain task.

After conducting a tech audit on her business, we started by helping her automate her reporting process. Our custom integrations helped her better track leads, identify friction points, and improve results.

With all the tech infrastructure in place, Lindsey was able to increase sales from 1,500 sold units to 2,400 in one year.

"Real Synch built custom integrations for us that helped us protect the business we are generating ourselves."

Lindsey's Recommendation:

If you identify a pain point in your business related to data, communication, or integration and automation, reach out to the professionals, and don't try to DYI. Real Synch can build that custom solution for you, giving you a 360-degree overview of your business which will help you make better decisions and eventually grow revenue.

Are you looking to optimize your tech stack, increase revenue and grow your business? Let's talk!


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