Case Study:
Jason Bramblett

" We increased revenue and saved hundreds of labor hours with the custom integration Real Synch built for us. They helped us streamline our processes and as a result, we are more efficient and productive. "

Jason Bramblett

Jason Bramlett’s most valuable business breakthrough in a decade

Jason is a real estate genius who's been working in the industry for 24 years. He knows what it means to go from traditional transactions to the digital world.

When he came to us, Jason's main challenge was to migrate data from different tools and applications into his CRM. For example, he wanted to get client information from Typeform to his CRM. The process was slow, tedious, and required a lot of manual work. Not to mention the risk of human error, which could lead to lost data or incorrect information.

"There are great real estate software out there, but if they don't talk to each other, you're creating more work for yourself or somebody else on the team."

We were able to help Jason build custom integrations that streamlined his workflow overall. As a result, we eliminated the hassle of manual data entry and saved hundreds of hours of labor and thousands of dollars. But most importantly, we gave Jason a new perspective on the use of technology and automation.

As he says... sometimes you just don't know what you don't know. Thinking creatively about technology and what's possible can be challenging at first, but once you've opened your mind to it, it will have a lasting effect on your business and the way you think about tech in the future.

Jason's Recommendation:

Hold a daily meeting with your team to ask what they are doing, why they are doing that task, and if they need to be doing this task. Listen to their feedback and figure out what processes you could automate in your business to make your agents' life easier so they can be more productive.

With automation and integration, you save time and money and minimize the risk of missing business opportunities.

Make an effort to meet the right people in this industry, and once you work with a company like Real Synch, make sure that you pass the good experience to your network.


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