Case Study:
Eric Forney

" We pended 67 houses last month, saved hundreds of labor hours, and 2X our business even after being the No.1 Team in the area for seven years in a row. "

Eric Forney

How Eric Forney used Real Synch to consolidate his tech stack and double his business

Eric Forney with Forney Group at Livian is a client of ours and has been Indiana's #1 KW Team for seven years in a row.

When Eric came to us, he wanted to have a better understanding of how he could improve his business, eliminate human error and improve agent experience by using automation.

As a business owner, it was important for him to see his agents' activities and how he could minimize agent friction. He asked himself: "What insights do I need to look at to make a better business decision?"

With more data and insights shared, Eric recognized that agents are more responsible when they have one source of truth for all their activities. He wanted to have a sales dashboard/scoreboard.

Eric found Real Synch because other mega teams were facing the same challenges.

"Aggregating data is a low-dollar productive activity. The numbers, however, are crucial to me as a business owner. Here's where Real Synch came into play."

After completing a tech audit of his business, we worked on automating his reporting process, so no data was lost. We looked at all the systems he had in place and ensured everything was integrated seamlessly.

"One of the things that improved most after working with Real Synch is our results."

Eric's Recommendation:

If you're looking to scale your business in the direction of the future, then you have to modernize your systems, integrate and automate.
Before, it was hard to make a decision without a complete set of information. Data accuracy and having one source of truth will give you a bigger picture of how your business and your agents are doing, and this will help you make better and faster decisions.

Real Synch removes the automation and integration concerns so you can focus on more productive activities in your business.


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