Case Study:
Ron Cedillo

" If you spend money on an admin doing repetitive tasks, you're going to get crushed by those who are automating these tasks with technology. "

Ron Cedillo

How Ron Cedillo is staying competitive in this shifting market with automation

Ron Cedillo, a Real Synch client, has been in the business for 20 years, selling over 3000 homes and running his own brokerage.

In his role as a business owner, he's constantly looking for ways to make himself and his agents more efficient and productive, whether by introducing new technology, automating tasks, or improving his systems.

However he admits: “I’m not great with automation and technology, so when I have someone like you that comes into my world, you make my life easier.”

Ron came to us wanting to have all his systems integrated and communicating with one another. His data was spread across so many places, and none of his notes and communications were in one place, making following up on leads difficult and time-consuming. He wanted to automate all this manual work and free up his VA.

“If you're spending money on an admin doing these kind of repetitive tasks, you're going to get crushed by the guys that are using technology to automate these tasks.”

New technologies are being introduced to real estate that cannot be integrated. Through RealSync, Ron was able to automate and integrate seamlessly, without adding another salary to his budget. We sat down with him and his team, did a tech audit, and integrated all his systems.

Ron’s Recommendations

Using technology effectively for your business will allow you to focus on what you can do well, closing deals.

Don't be intimidated by technology; use it to reduce labor costs, increase revenue, and direct your employees toward more profitable tasks.


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