Case Study:
Alex Ryb

" There’s some other integration software out there, but I knew that Real Synch is real estate specific. By doing research and discovery with Real Synch, I knew it made sense to put this into action. "

Alex Ryb

How we helped Alex integrate all his lead sources into his CRM

We sat with Alex Ryb of The Socher Team with Keller Williams Greater Metropolitan of Cleveland, Ohio. With six years of experience in the real estate industry from transaction coordinator to operations director. His team closes 150 units annually, generating over $40-50 million in sales volume.

“We have a variety of lead sources, and we want all of those leads to flow into our one central CRM. So if there are leads that aren’t making their way into the CRM, they’re going to be lost or forgotten about.”

Alex has two lead sources: Homelight, a third-party source, and Opcity, which comes through Despite receiving leads from these sources, there was a disconnect in getting these leads into their CRM.

As a result of this situation, he mentioned two problems. One was the hassle of manually entering the name, phone number, and email they were receiving from the two lead sources. In addition, the agent didn't put their information into the CRM, so it's not making it into the CRM.

They wanted to automate that process by integrating Homelight and Opcity with Brivity, their CRM.

The implementation was super easy and quick. We were able to set up the integration for everyone on Alex’s team. All leads are integrated from their email directly into Brivity, which automatically assigns them to the agents who received them.

Alex gets the support he needs, and we send training videos tailored to his integrations. It was easy for Alex and his team to implement the integrations independently.

The integration had no issues and no flaws. This saves Alex and his team a lot of time.

Alex recommends checking our Website, as you can see all of the integrations we can do for you. Because it is real estate specific, it has a personal touch that other integration platforms lack.


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