VoicePad and Real Synch announce strategic partnership to enable increased lead conversions with real-time integration

July 25, 2018
By Scott Sillari

New integration partnership enables brokers and teams to integrate VoicePad leads and activities with their CRM in real-time to provide a complete view of prospect activity.

Austin, TX and Louisville, KY – July18, 2018 – VoicePad, a recognized leader in quality real estate lead-generation, and Real Synch, a pioneer in cloud-based integration services for the residential real estate market, today announced a strategic partnership to enable VoicePad users to link their lead generation and activity tracking with a wide variety of top CRM systems.

The Residential Real Estate market has seen an explosion in spending on technologies including mobile and social lead generation as well as sophisticated back office systems and marketing automation. The challenge facing brokerages and teams is to effectively combine information across systems to gain a competitive edge.

“At Real Synch, we believe that teams and brokers should have the flexibility to use the best tool for a given task without having to sacrifice time or transparency,” said Michael McAnally, founder of Real Synch. ”VoicePad’s rich lead generation platform is a huge addition for us. Users can now fully integrate the rich data stream of activities generated thru VoicePad’s call, text and mobile site directly into the team’s CRM of choice.”

Using Real Synch, leads and activities generated within the VoicePad platform are automatically streamed into a team’s CRM system – without manually re-entering information or sacrificing details. This real-time integration provides a holistic view of the incoming lead as well as enables workflow automation across back end systems.

“Real Synch is meeting a great need in the industry for quick, deep integrations between systems,” said Todd Rasche, CTO of VoicePad. “Most existing integrations are either hard to implement, very limited, or do not allow the broker the flexibility to customize. With Real Synch users instantly gain access to deep integrations to the leading CRM’s.”

Integrations between VoicePad and the Real Synch platform include

  • All new leads
  • All lead activity types
  • Ability to filter by type of activity
  • Support for industry leading CRM systems including Boomtown, LionDesk, FollowUpBoss, and more.

Christopher Watters International Realty has been running the Real Synch VoicePad integration with their Boomtown CRM to great results. “Since we implemented the Real Synch VoicePad synch to Boomtown, we have seen a definite boost in our productivity and ability to respond and convert a lead,” said Christopher Watters, CEO. “The deep integration capabilities get us all the details we need into our CRM while the filtering capabilities allowed us to turn down the noise.“

About VoicePad

VoicePad serves 60,000 agents within 150 brokerage relationships. As a recognized leader in quality real estate lead-generation, VoicePad is uniquely positioned to provide a variety of cutting-edge property marketing solutions from a single login, on a single platform; requiring only a brokerage’s listing data to operate autonomously. This includes VoicePad’s most popular solution which uses MLS automated speech to handle property inquiries and route phone calls via our cloud-based automated assistant, “Eve.” Discover more at voicepad.com.

About Real Synch

Real Synch is a pioneer in the delivery of cloud based integration services for the residential real estate market. A singular focus on supporting residential real estate professionals allows turn-key, self enabled, deep data integrations that go beyond traditional point to point offerings. Learn more about Real Synch at realsynch.com.


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