ShowcaseIDX CEO LIVE Broadcast featuring Real Synch

August 2, 2018
By Scott Sillari

Scott Lockhart from ShowcaseIDX and Mike McAnally from Real Synch get together for a frank conversation about the various approaches that brokers can take to integrate Lead Generation and CRM systems along with when different approaches make more sense.

About Showcase IDX2

Showcase IDX is a consumer engagement and real estate search company based in Atlanta, GA. Founded in 2005, Showcase IDX builds innovative search and organizational tools that real estate agents and teams use to connect meaningfully with online consumers through their WordPress-powered websites.

About Real Synch

Real Synch is a pioneer in the delivery of cloud based integration services for the residential real estate market. A singular focus on supporting residential real estate professionals allows turn-key, self enabled, deep data integrations that go beyond traditional point to point offerings. Learn more about Real Synch at


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