When, Why, and How to Audit your Tech Stack

August 10, 2022
By Scott Sillari

A tech stack is the combination of tech products a business uses to run its operations. It can include everything from the software your team uses to communicate with each other to the CRM you use to track your leads and customers.

A well-designed tech stack is essential for any real estate business, as it can help streamline your processes and improve your efficiency. However, it's important to regularly audit your tech stack to ensure that it's still meeting your needs. Here are some tips on when, why, and how to audit your tech stack in your real estate business.

When should you audit your tech stack?

Consider doing a tech audit during slower times in your business, talk to your agents and team and get feedback on the systems they are using. For example, are they transferring data from one tool to another manually? Suppose you have many separate systems with no integrations or automation, and you are missing out on business because of a lack of communication or transparency. In that case, it's time to review your technology.

Why should you audit your tech stack?

You do it to rest easy and worry-free, knowing that your systems are well-integrated and automated. It's all working. You understand how it's working, it's cost-efficient, and you have great transparency in your business.

How do you perform a tech audit?

It depends on who you have in your organization that understands technology. We can also be a resource and do a free tech audit for you.

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