How stay profitable in a shifting market?

November 4, 2022
By Scott Sillari

The real estate market is drastically changing right now and we are seeing listings with DOM skyrocket and very few offers due to the Fed hiking interest rates.

We have not seen a market shift like this since the 2008 recession.

But how can you continue to have a successful business in this shifting market? What are other top agents doing to stay competitive?

It’s time to upgrade your game with automation tools to streamline processes and focus on closing deals. Your clients will expect everything to be at their fingertips – don't fall behind with outdated manual processes.

Instead of laying off employees, consider reallocating your labor to money-making activities such as making phone calls and follow-ups and automating anything that is repetitive or manual. Audit your systems to figure out what can be streamlined and automated.

By optimizing your processes, you won't need to spend labor time manually entering data and can reallocate that time towards getting more business in your pipeline, speaking to more people, and nurturing your database.

Automation isn't just a trend in the real estate market, it's a new reality. Time to get on board or you will get left behind.

If all this sounds overwhelming, let’s connect! We can help you set up your systems so they work seamlessly together!


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