How Kee Technology Solutions Can Help You Optimize Your Follow Up Boss Workflows

November 30, 2023
By Scott Sillari

Today, we had the pleasure of speaking with Elena Kee, the founder of Kee Technology Solutions. As you may already know, Real Synch features our partners to deliver top-notch services to our valued clients.

Kee Technology Solutions came about naturally when Elena sought a new direction in her career. She initially assisted with administrative tasks and automated systems for real estate agents. Eventually, she expanded her services to support the Follow Up Boss CRM and community. Watch as we discuss the pains that FUB users run into and how Elena and her team can support your business and help you get back to working with your clients rather than being stuck trying to build an action plan.

How Kee Technology Solutions streamline your Follow Up Boss workflows

Elena recognized the importance of an efficient drip campaign system to engage clients effectively. To achieve this, she implemented careful copywriting techniques to ensure emails were correctly formatted and avoided triggering spam filters.

She focused on creating concise, straightforward content with plain text and questions that encouraged responses. Her ultimate goal was to create a user-friendly CRM system allowing agents to navigate and easily understand their tasks quickly.

Elena automated action plans, prioritized tasks into numbered lists, recommended using the dialer and stage changes and implemented tags for detailed follow-up.

How Kee Technology Solutions helped thousands of Agents using Follow Up Boss

Elena has successfully supported over 1,700 Follow Up Boss clients. Additionally, they are working on supporting lenders who are adding FUB to their Tech Stack. Elena constantly innovates and automates processes with agents, teams, and brokerages. Additionally, she is currently developing comprehensive training programs for virtual assistants.

Connect with Elena Today!

If you want to make your Follow Up Boss processes more efficient, contact Elena Kee. You can connect with her by clicking on this link.


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