Generate more seller leads with our new integration partners

February 11, 2023
By Scott Sillari

How can you continue to have a successful business in this shifting market? 🤔

That’s right...generate more seller leads, ideally, homeowners ready to sell now!

In today's competitive market, it's essential to have a robust and AUTOMATED lead generation system in place to ensure you're reaching potential clients and converting them into closed deals.

That's why we're excited to work with three different integration partners that will help you generate HOT seller leads more effectively!

1.) sends out handwritten notes to your farm area and/or your database. It’s an excellent option to stay in touch and nurture your leads in a very personal way.

We now integrate Audience with BoomTown! and Follow Up Boss.

You can add your contacts from your CRM to campaigns in Audience. When people engage with handwritten cards or scan the QR code, we can add those leads immediately into your CRM so that you can put them on automation and drip campaigns.

Check them out:

2.) Fello.
Fello is an iBuyer solution co-owned by one of our long-time clients, Ryan Young, and its mission is to keep agents at the heart of the real estate transaction.

Fello empowers you, the real estate agent, to make your own cash offers, request offers from multiple cash buyers, and easily manage client communication across various platforms.

With our newest integration, you can integrate Fello with your CRM to have a 360-degree overview of your transactions.

Learn more about Fello at

3.) Google Contacts.
This integration works with Follow Boss, BoomTown!, Sierra Interactive, and Real Geeks, and it syncs your phone with your CRM in real-time.

As soon as you add a lead to your phone, it will go straight into your CRM and immediately launch a nurture campaign. Talk about SPEED TO LEAD!

Not to mention, if you are a team leader and have new agents joining your team, with this integration, you can get their contacts into your CRM in an instant. No more messy CVS files!

If you want to grow your real estate business take advantage of these integrations. You'll be able to generate more hot seller leads, streamline your lead generation process, and close more deals.


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