Generate more leads using these popular integrations

November 18, 2022
By Scott Sillari

Recently we've been getting a lot of questions about what the most popular integrations real estate agents and teams are using to generate leads.

While many applications and “shiny objects” are very tempting, generating leads, nurturing them, and converting them should be the foundation of your business.

So here are the systems and integrations our real estate clients love and use to help them build their database, convert more leads, and reduce labor costs.

1. Google Contacts Integration:

This integration works with Follow Boss, BoomTown!, Sierra Interactive, and Real Geeks, and it syncs your phone with your CRM in real time.

As soon as you add a lead to your phone, it will go straight into your CRM and immediately launch a nurture campaign. Talk about SPEED TO LEAD!

Not to mention, if you are a team leader and have new agents joining your team, with this integration, you can get their contacts into your CRM in an instant. No more messy CVS files!

2. SISU:

Our clients use SISU to keep track of their KPIs and transactions and have a 360 degrees overview of where they are in their business. Sisu is also a great accountability tool. We integrate SISU with all major CRMs.


Audience sends out handwritten notes to your farm area and/or your database. It’s another excellent option to stay in touch and nurture your leads in a very personal way.

We now integrate Audience with BoomTown! and Follow Up Boss. You can add your contacts from your CRM to campaigns in Audience.

When people engage with handwritten cards or scan the QR code, we can add those leads immediately into your CRM so that you can put them on automation and drip campaigns.

4. CBX:

CBX is our Gmail extension and is available with five CRMS: Follow Up Boss, Sierra Interactive, BoomTown, Lion Desk, and Firepoint.

It’s effortless to install; with it, you can quickly add new contacts to your CRM or manage existing ones.

The best part is it’s FREE! Go check it out and sign up here:

There are a lot of ways that you can use automation to your advantage to help increase conversions and efficiency in your business.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you integrate different systems into your business, please contact us as we are here to help with all of your integration and automation needs.


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