Easily train, setup and coach your way to success with Kammbium

October 3, 2023
By Scott Sillari

Join us as we sit down with Dr. Laura Sims from Kammbium, an expert in real estate coaching and training. Kammbium has helped over 100 real estate businesses develop successful systems for their operations staff, making it easier to make money and streamline your business so that your business is doing the work for you. Discover what they can do to help you set up your real estate business for scalable and repeatable success. Book your call with Laura today!

About Dr. Laura Sims

She is a PhD in History from the University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill. After teaching English in France for years, Laura discovered that her training and skills could apply to any industry and she was introduced to Kathleen which opened up a door to an amazing opportunity to develop a training program for real estate operation/administration teams. Recognizing that individuals with administrative skills from various fields can thrive in real estate, Laura realized that her academic experience, research and writing abilities, and program management skills are all transferable to this industry. Her passion for real estate and entrepreneurship ignited, leading her to fall in love with this field.

How can Laura help your business with Kammbium?

She said that real estate business owners could come up with an idea, but without someone managing the project to completion and breaking it down into action steps, it doesn't matter. That is why she helps business owners realize their goals and realize their visions.

Some real estate professionals don’t have the management skills and need someone to turn to. Admin people were imagined as clerks when given one task after another, but a motivated operations person will lead your business.

Kammbium also helps real estate owners find the right operations person and build a sustainable business model.

Client successes

When real estate business owners can't take vacations or step away from their jobs, it's because they have not put the right systems in place to run the business from Lead Generation to Closed Transaction, hiring and training, and everything in between. They need to disconnect to spend time with their families while also maintaining trust. By implementing a standardized operating procedure and training their team, they can keep their business running and generate revenue while away. This transition allows them to shift from a traditional 9-5 schedule to a more flexible arrangement, affording them quality time and work-life balance. This allows a business owner to work on the business, not just in the business.

Kammbium's tailored templates and systems have helped over 100 real estate business owners succeed, proving their effectiveness. They focus on training operations staff to enhance and maintain these systems, prioritizing implementation over creating an operations manual.

“Consider us your personal trainers for your business systems; we specialize in organizing information.

Laura’s recommendation for real estate business owners:

Visit kammbium.com/systems to explore their website and schedule a consultation with Laura. Kammbium provides comprehensive services, including onboarding packages, sales team growth, CRM optimization, drip campaigns, and so much more. Let Kammbium handle your important and urgent tasks, so you can focus on what matters most.


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