Connect your Sierra to Sierra and FUB to FUB for better transparency in your business

July 14, 2023
By Scott Sillari

Are you looking for an easier way to manage your leads and increase business? Are you looking to gain clarity into all your businesses and understand what is happening in your CRM?

We have launched our Sierra to Sierra and FUB to FUB integrations. Not only will it create a smooth user experience but by connecting the two platforms via integration, you’ll be able to streamline your workflow in your business too. In this blog post, we'll discuss how using Sierra to Sierra integration and FUB to FUB integration gives real estate businesses a powerful tool for managing their transactions in real time.

What is Sierra to Sierra integration?

One of our clients recently asked us to forward all his new leads to his mortgage company. Our solution is to have him create a new Sierra account and we will integrate it bi-directionally.

It also works on their leads. All the notes, communication, tags, and everything that goes back and forth are visible to them. In this way, the real estate team and his mortgage company can get a very clear picture of what's going on.

What is FUB to FUB Integration?

We also built an integration from Follow Up Boss to Follow Up Boss. This is applicable for real estate businesses with several franchises, or multiple locations.

What are the benefits of integrating these platforms?

All of this is intended to improve efficiencies, data flow, and lead automation flow so that you can better work with your clients and generate more business, taking advantage of the opportunities you have with the leads you have generated over the years and maximizing your business to bring in more revenue.

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