Connect Vyral Marketing to your CRM with Real Synch

August 29, 2023
By Scott Sillari

Are you looking for a marketing director and need more bandwidth to hire one? Vyral Marketing is the perfect solution for you! Know more about how Vyral Marketing can help your real estate marketing needs and how you can integrate this tool into your CRM with Real Synch.

What does Vyral Marketing do, and how can it help your business?

Vyral Marketing is a video marketing platform and content marketing platform. They help your business manage databases, posts on social media, YouTube channel optimization, and client engagement. They also include email marketing solutions like Emma in their signup package.

How can you integrate Vyral Marketing into your CRM via Real Synch

Easily integrate your Vyral marketing or Emma with Real Synch! Automatically send engaged clients from your email into your CRM, and add tags, notes, and updates into your CRM so you can follow up on hot leads. We also send all your new contacts and leads you're generating into your CRM back into Vyral Marketing.

Sign up today and get a discount!

Are you using Vyral Marketing or planning to integrate it into your CRM? Get a free tech consultation with Scott, or sign up with a discount! Use the code Vyral23 and sign up now here:


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