Automation and integration: What we can do to help

February 16, 2022
By Scott Sillari

Here's how Real Synch can help you have better automation in your tech stack.

Today I’m going to talk about automation and what it means. You hear all the time in this industry that people want more help with automation, but in reality, that terms can mean a lot of different things in different contexts. They might be talking about automating within one system, automating systems together, or even automating tasks and marketing.

I talk to clients all the time about specifically automating their different systems, not only within each system but from system to system. With that, there are two different places where we help our clients. We go into your systems and do a sort of audit. We'll see what could be improved upon, whether that’s tasks, tags, campaigns, etc. If you feel like you don’t have enough email automation happening, that’s a good place to start.

"Think about your tech stack as a web. It should all be connected."

The other place we help with is automation between systems, which we also call integration. If something happens over here, it should make something happen in this other system. A great way to think of this is to identify where you are doing manual data entry. Where do you see data in one system and have to make a manual change in another?

At Real Synch, we work with this integration between platforms. You can do it out of the box on our platform, or we can customize any integration for you. One of the things we do a lot for our clients is transfer leads from their email into their CRM so they don’t have to manually enter those leads.

Think about your tech stack as a web. Start drawing arrows between all of the bubbles, figure out which ones don’t have data flow back and forth, and call or email us. We'd love to help your business grow!


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