4 Simple Automation Hacks To Become More Efficient

April 7, 2023
By Scott Sillari

Are you frustrated with time-consuming manual processes and inefficiencies in your real estate business?

With automation, you can streamline your operations, free up your time, and significantly increase your profits.

Here are four simple ways to automate your real estate business and become more efficient:

1 Automate lead entry into your CRM. Rather than manually copying and pasting lead information into your CRM, save time by setting up automation for each contact. Consider using Zapier, Mailparser.io, or your CRM's native automation features.

2 Collect the correct phone number from your leads and create new leads based on your phone call data. Use solutions like Voicepad, CallRail, Ringcentral, Callaction, or Mojo, and ensure your CRM has integrated adequately with these phone systems to avoid losing potential business.

3 Turn on notifications for new leads, including tasks or new leads assigned to agents. This will help you follow up promptly and stay on top of new business opportunities.

4 Send automated welcome emails to new leads. Personalize your welcome emails based on each lead's information to meet their needs and ensure they are sent instantaneously. Use tools like Follow Up Boss, Sierra, BoomTown, or Brivity to set up different email campaigns and keep your brand top-of-mind with potential buyers and sellers.

By implementing these automation strategies, you can add value to your leads, educate them, and position yourself as their go-to choice when buying or selling real estate.


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