3 Ways to Grow Your Business With Automation

July 21, 2022
By Scott Sillari

3 Ways to Grow Your Business With Automation

Clients often ask us how they can use automation to integrate data and grow their real estate businesses. Here are three ways to grow your business with automation and how you can utilize automation to get the most for your efforts:

  1. Automate leads into your CRM. Many systems offer that solution, but not all their systems are fully automated; they may require you to enter some data manually. Make sure that all your leads are automated into your CRM and that none slip through the cracks.
  2. Connect your dialer to your CRM. You need to collect accurate phone and lead-routing data, so make sure you use a system that routes all your team’s calls through your CRM. We can recommend a few different solutions if you don’t have one in place already.
  3. Improve your transaction team’s efficiency. If your team is using software like Open To Close, Sisu, Dotloop, DocuSign, SkySlope, Brokermint, or Lone Wolf, they need to be integrated into your CRM as well. That will provide transparency for your transactions team, who need to be informed about what’s happening with a particular deal.

If you have any questions about automation integration, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I’d love to help you.


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