Real Synch vs Zapier: How Our Platform Sets Itself Apart

January 27, 2023
By Scott Sillari

Is Real Synch similar to Zapier? We always get this question when we are on the phone with real estate agents.

The answer is YES. Real Synch is like Zapier BUT designed exclusively for the real estate, mortgage, and title industry.

Here are some key differences that set Real Synch apart from Zapier:

1. Real Synch offers pre-built integrations that are easy to activate.

With Zapier, users have to figure out which apps they want to connect and set up filters and triggers themselves - a process that can be complex and costly. With Real Synch, you must select the apps you want to connect to, and the integration is ready. You are just four clicks away from setting up your integrations compared with 20 clicks if you use Zapier.

2. Real Synch is cost-effective.

Our platform is just $250 a month for unlimited tasks, users, and integrations, and as you scale up, it gets even cheaper. Compare this to Zapier, where the cost of filters and triggers can quickly add up to $500 a month.

3. Real Synch also offers a wider range of integrations specifically catered to the real estate industry. Furthermore, Real Synch's integrations are more in-depth than zaps, meaning that one integration in our platform could be 30 to 50 different zaps you have to set up.

If you're currently using Zapier or looking for a real estate integration platform, contact us to learn more about how Real Synch can help you set up your tech stack for success.


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