Is Your Team Suffering From Myopia?

January 12, 2021
By Scott Sillari

Vyral Marketing CEO Frank Klesitz shares the pitfalls of tech overdependence.

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Is your tech stack so thick that it’s actually impeding your productivity? Recently, Vyral Marketing CEO Frank Klesitz and I sat down to discuss what happens when a business starts believing that cutting-edge tech is a magic solution to lead-gen work in and of itself. Even though Frank pioneered the digital approach to database marketing, he and I agree that too much tech can be cumbersome—especially when you understand human behavior and our tendency to become grossly distracted by all the shiny buttons in front of us.

Feel free to listen to our conversation in the video above, or use the timestamps below to navigate the discussion at your leisure:

1:04 — Frank’s background in real estate as the CEO of Vyral Marketing

3:33 — The lasting impression of Greg Harrelson’s Myrtle Beach office

7:06 — What’s the minimal amount of technology you need to stay productive?

9:00 — The power of staying engaged in a tech-dominated era

11:57 — Why a virtual assistant should be your first hire if you’re starting a team from scratch

13:09 — A race to the Arctic: a perfect anecdote on tech myopia

16:27 — Empowering (not encumbering) your agents with strategic tools like RealSynch

20:13 — Less is more; there’s no substitute for powerful conversations with people

21:45 — Beware the tacky, impersonal drip email

24:30 — The more log-ins you require of your agents, the more of their time you’re wasting

27:20 — Wrapping up today’s topic

As always, reach out to me by phone or email if you have questions on anything Frank and I discussed in today’s video or want to know more about what integration can do for your business. I’m here to help, and I’d love to hear from you.


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