Accelerate your agents' productivity with scalable systems

March 25, 2022
By Scott Sillari

Learn about scaleable system automation in our latest webinar.

In the real estate industry, it can take up to six months to onboard a new agent and get them producing. This is due to the lack of automation and integration in the recruitment and training process.

Besides being slow and inefficient, this can also be costly for businesses. In addition, customer service is often poor due to a lack of manpower.

If you missed our LIVE webinar with Ryan Young, a top agent in Ohio, and Matt Wagner, the President of RATE, you can now watch the replay here.

We talked about:

  • How to scale your recruiting with automation
  • How to optimize your tech stack to support scaling and growth
  • How to build and establish more efficient processes
  • How to reduce your training and onboarding time from 6 months to 30 days
  • How to avoid the growing pains with the right tech and automation
  • ...and much more

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