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Real Synch is the only integration solution dedicated to Residential Real Estate.

With Real Synch your brokerage can use the Lead Gen and Marketing Automation tools that make the most sense for your business without sacrificing connectivity to your CRM.

  • Real-Time smart bi-directional synchs of Leads/Contacts and online activities
  • Smart Filters that allow you to control what you synch
  • Smart Syncs enable customized business logic between systems
  • Eliminates logging into multiple systems and manually re-entering information across systems

Best of all, you can set up a synch in just minutes! To see how simple it really is, see the demo on the Boomtown Setup page.

Suggested Synchs


Vyral Marketing



Showcase IDX


The Good

The average brokerage uses over 13 separate tech platforms and tools to run their business.

Lead Generation ⋅ IDX ⋅ Marketing Automation
Retargeting ⋅ CRM ⋅ Transaction Management​

The Bad

86% of brokerages report that deciphering and tracking Leads and Activities was their biggest data /IT related challenge!

Existing strategies just don't work properly.

Reentering data across systems is expensive, time consuming, and error prone

Vendor supplied integrations can be a patchwork of different systems and don’t cover all you existing tech

Generic integration platforms are limited on what or how they synch and can require technical expertise

Real Synch is the only solution designed exclusively for Residential Real Estate!


Self Serve

Connects to existing systems

Syncs leads, contacts, and activities



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