Your technology systems should adapt to you
Not the other way around

86% of brokerages report that deciphering data is their biggest data challenge
This needs to change

As a growing brokerage you invest in Lead Generation, IDX providers, Marketing Automation, and Retargeting systems to fill your pipeline along with a CRM system that will enable you to grow your business and manage your customers. While each system is a key part of your business, these data silos make getting a clear view of your overall lead and activity status almost impossible. To work around this, some brokers try to manage leads in multiple systems (cumbersome), others reenter all their data in the CRM (error prone), while others try to use generic integration or automation offerings (limited capabilities).

This results in leads that fall through the cracks or that get stale and worthless.

Real Synch represents a fundamentally different way. Founded by experts in Residential Real Estate and Integration specialists, Real Synch is the only platform designed from the ground up especially for Residential Real Estate brokers. We focus exclusively on the tools and systems that you use. We then build in the type of filters and Smart Synch capabilities that no other generic platform can offer.

With Real Synch you and your team can focus on generating and closing business with a real-time view of your leads and activities instead of wasting time managing your leads and activities.

Best of all, we offer flexible subscription plans that will fit your business size and can grow with you to the top of your game!

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